Sunday, 3 November 2013

Learn a little bit about me

I wanted to start my blog with that first encouraging post before anything else- but I'm going to tell you a bit about myself now as to not leave you in the dark so much- I'll try not to bore you ;)

Firstly my name is Kerry Elizabeth Rose Colt- Elizabeth is a family name so I was kind of stuck with it, not that I don't like it...well. I do like Rose though- coincidentally my favourite flower.

ANyway, I am 16 years old now since the 21st July and I've just started my A-level Education at my old secondary school, I am taking English Literature, Textiles, Applies Science and Business Studies.

In case anyone wasn't sure I live in England, North Yorkshire.
In not really sure what else to say apart from:
I am in love with fashion photography, fashion in general, as well as the retail and the business sides of things, and oh interior design as well. But recently, well I say recently... in the last 2 years or so I am becoming increasingly in love with makeup- trouble is I haven't exactly decided in which one of those things I want to end up in.................... so there's that.

But anyway if you want to know anything else feel more than free to ask me:)

Twitter-KerryMaleHorse    (because my last name-Colt is a baby male horse)
Instagram- kerryelizabethrose
Tumblr- overly-excitedseahorse