Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review!- Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

My colour is Ivory:)  
How the foundation looks- ps. not my photo!
I've recently made a new purchase (well in the last month) and I just wanted to share with everything what my opinions are of this product. I know it's always risky buying a new foundation as you have no idea what to expect, especially with a 'drugstore' product, you usually know if it's high end and in other words expensive that it will be good.

Personally I don't really buy high end products, maybe a mascara once in a while.. but otherwise I like to stick to things I can find in Boots or Superdrug so I'm not very adventurous on  front. But that's because when it comes to foundations (I usually keep using my other products until they run out) I love to change it up and try different ones and it would be way too expensive if I was to keep buying high end ones. Anyway I feel like I'm constantly buying new foundations which my Boots cards thanks me for.. But it's because I can never usually find a product that is perfect for me, see I have very oily skin, and buy that I mean VERY  oily skin, to the point where it's sometimes as if my face is an oil rig. I know that sounds disgusting which I guess it is, but I'm controlling it* don't worry. I know that there are a lot of people struggling with oily skin and there aren't many people to offer guidance, so I'm here to help!

First of all I want to offer some general advice...look online at the product and comments of products before you buy them..even if you're in the shop just have a wander around the shop while you look it up, I find it quite helpful. Of course with this product it was fairly new when I bought it so I couldn't really find any reviews, so it was a big gamble on my behalf.

I've just been rambling here oh dear ahahah I'll get into the review now:

OK so truthfully, I bought this product simply because of the name and it's supposed to be an improved version of the old 'Stay Matte Foundation' so that grabbed me. I always buy things that have a stay matte promise!
When I first used this product I noticed the consistency (which I will insert a picture of) which what quite strange to me..I've never used anything like it but I love it!!!! It feels kind of thick and creamy. It's not watery at all, hold your hand upside down it slip off ever. Even though it's thick it's a great foundation to put on each to apply and blendable thank god.

However there is one thing you need to watch: you can't put too much on or it gets really oily on you and doesn't look very which put me off the first time, but I've learnt the best way to apply it which I will share with you: use your fingers to apply it unless you have to use something else. First put it on each cheek on the what I'm going to call the bouncy but that's closest to your nose: so put a little dab there and then on your chin and nose leaving your forehead for now... then blend those in as much as you can to cover. Next put it on the outside of your face/cheeks near your nose an blend it in so you're all the same colour, then anywhere else you need it where you have any discolouration or spots.I really don't thick a concealer is necessary for this unless you want to put it under your eyes. Then put a line of the product horizontally on your forehead and take half for the side and half for the other and make sure you get it everywhere so there's no discolouration etc.

This foundation when used in the way above lasts all day (school day for me) without becoming oily so I don't have to touch up with powder or anything, I'm good to go all day! It covers very well-definitely medium to high coverage!  Great for oily skin obviously..covers all imperfections well which is amazing especially without concealer! I definitely recommend this to anyone, even if you don't have oily skin! It's still a great foundation that lasts all day! It's not 24 hours or anything but it is a lower end product!!

If you liked this please comment and I will do more! Also if you want to see how I control my oily skin comment or anything else!

*which I may show in a post soon how I'm controlling it.