Monday, 24 March 2014

My weekend #1

Before I get into addressing this new feature, I wanted to quickly apologise for not posting in just over a week!! I have just been so swamped with work its crazy! But I will keep on top of it guys- but this might be happening more frequently than Id like because of upcoming A Level exams!!

Anyway, a new feature today that I'm hoping you all will like- basically a run down of my weekend in this post as often as I can! And maybe a throughout the week if you are interested?

Basically its been a pretty full and hectic weekend!
•I woke up what I consider to be early (for a weekend) at 8 and went for a Costa breakfast with my parents which was lovely then we pottered around the shops for a while and I bought some beauuuutiful coral trousers (a post to come soon)
•I met my friend to go to the library to do some work which went quite well! But as she was late coming of course I had to stop at Superdrug and not only pick up the MUA mosaic highlighter/blusher in English Rose but also 3 creme eggs....how can you say no to 3 for £1!? Then I ran to Primark and picked up a cute little gold and beige necklace which I had to get instead of a mint and gold.....so I'm undecided whether I should return it!? Because the mint had ran out of stock and after looking everywhere decided I should!
•After doing some work with my friend she had to go to work and I was going home to tidy up. I packed a bag for sleeping at my friends house that evening.
•At around 6:30 I went to my friends house with my billion and one bags because I can never travel lightly I went and spent a lovely evening with my friends having some girly chats and eating cake (my favourite part!) as well as some henna's! After the pack thinned out and some of them went home (as they had work the next day) some of us girls stayed over and watched a late night movie of Safe Haven, which I must say I loooved! We had a late night and ended up going around 2!
•But as one of my friends had to leave early the next morning we woke up at 7:45! Had a cute breakfast her mum had prepared consisting of pain a chocolates, bagels, banana's and a few other things! Anyway we left around 10 and I came home to my little pup and the sweet smell of pancakes!
•while I waited for my parents to finish I went for a lay down on the sofa! Next thing it was 3:20 and Id slept the day away!
•So I made myself jump up and get some work done! I managed to get a little done before we went kitchen shopping as my mum wants to re-do the kitchen which didn't take as long as I thought!

That was about my weekend! Hope you all enjoyed this! What did you do this weekend?