Saturday, 1 March 2014

Things I've been liking from: New Look!

Hello everyone! I thoughti would how you a couple items that I'm in love with right now, that's available in New Look. I feel like this season in particular, I'm just finding so much in there that I love! It's often slightly hit or miss for me in stores and I either walk arounf choosing everything to take to the fitting rooms with me or I see neither and leave dissapointed. Right now I am trying to stay out of their though so my bank doesn't become emptied in two days haha.

Cream and Red Check Tunic Dress
Although kind of expensive for New Look in my opinion, I absolutely love this with the ‘on-trend’ print and a perfect cut that looks good on almost all figures! Especially with these colours I LOVE it!
Blue Heart Daisy Applique T-Shirt
It looks kind of basic I know, but with spring right around the corner, the colour tries both Winter and Spring together! The print is absolutely adorable to! Who doesn’t love a heart? and The shape is perfect for a casual day but can also be dressed up!
Black Floral Print Tube Skirt
Floral’s are just a must when it comes to spring, and this print is my particular favourite! I need to go purchase this now! It’s an all year round classic to and is just the perfect reason to dress up when you have such a cute skirt!