Friday, 11 April 2014

Bourjois 123 Foundation Review

                                                                                                                                                               Hello everyone! Once again it’s that time on my blog to review a product! exciting!  in this case a foundation, and we all know foundations happen to be one of  my favourite makeup items to buy and try because of my acne and because I am obsessed with a matte face so always looking for one that can do that for me!

Today though it the Bourjois Paris 123 foundation that is said to have 3 different pigments to a. get rid of dark circles, but get rid of anti-dull complexion and c. anti-redness which was the main of why I was so interested, because although I don’t really have bags under my eyes, or a particularly dull complexion I do sometimes struggle with red areas so I thought I would see how this would go.Now I have to say I didn’t really see anything special abnout this foundation as it just seemed like a normal foundation to me. However I think  the main reason I think this is because I might have gotten the wrong colour? Yes I knowww but there’s a whole story behind this as it was in TkMaxx without a lid with no broken seal and I therefore was able to pay £4 for it, compared to the usual price of £9.99, I am a bargain hunter with makeup and wanted to try this particular foundationso of course had to buy it, and at first glace looked pretty pale. Obviously at this point I was in denial about how pale I really am… So the next day I put it on and it actually looked pretty good!

But by the end of the day when I had come home from school it had pretty much shifted and melted off my face, it wasn’t cute. But because it had done that and was the wrong colour part of my face (mainly around my jaw line and ears) was pale and them my cheeks working up were orange..again. Not cute. Saying this if it was the right colour it might have blended a bit nicer and not left such a harsh line of orange behind.
It did stay quite matte throughout the day I must say but was not worth it for me unless I wear it on occasions that I don’t have a long or stressful day or with dark lighting haha. It also did very well at fighting my red-ness in the way that you couldn’t really see the redness on my forehead and cheeks as you usually can with a foundation by the end of the day so that’s another perk.

This is how I wore it: Applied the maybelline baby face primer first, used a Real Techniques expert face brush to put the foundation on my face and blend it in. No7’s new concealar, Stay Matte powder with a Real techniques powder brush and a little blush again with a Real Techniques brush and then the rest of my makeup. That is usually what I pair with my foundations but I never really have a huge issue with it shifting on my face, it’s usually oilyness. But again the colour is probably the issue here.

Overall about a 4 out of 5 I say this because if I had the right colour I feel like this would be great for me! Maybe I’ll reinvest in the lighter one!