Thursday, 24 April 2014

Makeup Collection

Hope you are all having a lovely day! I am showing you all my make up collection! I have been wanting to do this for absolutely ages! I love reading and watching these types of things!

So first of all you've seen the general overview of my make up collection up above, some people will say I have a lot and some will say I have a tiny amount (compared to some bloggers and youtuber's etc.) but it's the perfect amount for me and what I want! For now anyway! haha

 So in the little drawer section I keep some little random things that don't really do anywhere else! On top i just have an Aloe Vaseline that I use most often! I also have 3 little mirrors and some nail varnishes that I'm using right now! Along with a funny picture of my mum ahah!

So in the first drawer I just have in the back some random little eye shadows that my dad got me, a new powder that I have started using (and love!), a bourjois eye shadow in a champagne colour that is beautiful! But I need to get an eye shadow base so that it doesn't crease after an hour so I have used it to its full potential yet! A sleek blush underneath in a nice pinky colour and 2 Vaseline's on the side!

 The second drawer has a few baby lip glosses my brother got me in a little set from Seventeen which i use all the time but there is no other room for them anywhere else! I love these though! and it's great that they're so small!! Also there are 2 big No7 lipglosses that are very smooth and nice smelling, a small No7 eye shadow on top in a lilac shade and an E.L.F powder but it doesn't work to well for me!

 This drawer set came with the other little stand thing for lipglosses! they're from amazon, you can see them here if you're interested:

Sticking with the set here's the stand for lipsticks etc:
In the larger compartments there is an MUA mosaic blush, a bronzer that came with those eye shadows I mentioned before that my dad got me. Also a No7 blush I use every single day! With an eye lash curler that should not be there ahah!
In the other stands section I have in the back my Revlon eyebrow pencil, an eye liner in brown and a No7 lip stick the other stand over is a Lipgloss from Rimmel and another random eye liner!
2 Revlon lip butters in juicy papaya and macaroon and a Baby lips right there in the middle!
Up in the front is another Baby lips in peach, a L'oreal lipstick in a light pink and a small size of Benefit they're real mascara! and that's it for this section!

In the I guess main section I guess you could say, It's split into about 5 different sections!
This section is all the way on the right and it is packed full of different foundations that you can kind of see, a BB cream and hand sanitiser in the back there! Up in the from I've got a few little sample size things like eye creams galore, little primers and a wake me up foundation and a cheek stick from No7. Plus my favourite No7 concealer stick that again I use everydayyyy!

 This is the larger section at the front that I have put mascara'a and lip products, I'm sure you can see what the majority are! I know I'm not going into loads of detail but I don't want this to be suppperrr long! But if anyone is interested about sections I can do more posts focusing on different sections including everything!:)
So there is Maybelline great lash, Rimmel sexy curves, Company lashes, and loads of No7 ones that come in those little sets if you buy 2 No7 products you get it free! that's why there are more No7 things here!

These are two section together starting on the left the Baby face primer, an eyelash curler (that's where the other one should be ahah) a mattifying balm from Benefit, another blush below that goes with that brozer from before! Another hand sanitiser and a Smashbox primer! The clear one:)
On the right is another blush from Rimmel, a No7 powder that i do not like at all! and a Natural Collection powder I use everyday still! An oldy but goody!

 This section is of course is No7 CC cream at the back in light, a Tinted moisturiser from them, Bourjois, No7 again, Rimmel, Revlon Colourstay, a Neutragena, and a L'oreal! Again, if you want to see anything in more detail I can post photos on twitter of it in detail or do more posts and talk about things more individually! Also if you want to see a review on anything just let me know in the comments!!:)

I hope you liked this post! Leave your blogs below and/or any links to a makeup collection you've done and I'll be sure to look at them!