Sunday, 20 April 2014

New furniture

I have wanted new furniture for the longest of time now as the ones I had in my room before I’ve had since I was a baby and are wooden and have very big feet on the bottom so they weren’t the most attractive. But also there was a huge influence on me from tumblr and youtuber’s bedrooms as when I would scroll through or watch videos they would almost always have white, beautiful, sophisticated furniture and it looked so classy! I know it may be weird to call furniture classy and sophisticated but honestly to me they look so much more put together and girly and it looked so much better, especially as I have pink and purple walls (from 5 years ago ahah).

Me and my mum headed out looking for some new pieces and stumbled across there in BHS home for a reasonable price. We immediately ordered them but much to my disapproval they said it would take 2 months! But the time has finally arrived as so had my furniture on Thursday morning [appreciation for my boyfriend at this point as getting the furniture moved around and set up would not have been possible without him! THANKS!] and the movers checked it over and we put it in my room where I wished and it just brought so much more light to the room and it looks so much better!
Before my previous furniture as I have mentioned was wooden but also very scratched and boring to say the least and had stickers on from when I was little ahah.

My new furniture consists of a bed-side table with 2 drawers, a long dresser with 8 drawers and a tall dresser with 7 drawers. The tall dresser was my mums idea as in contrast to my opinion did not think I would have enough space in the long dresser, well was she ever right! Now I store all of my under garments and socks, tights etc in there and normal clothes in the long dresser and other tops and skirts in my wardrobe (built in, that’s why it isn’t shown).

 When getting new furniture, we were not able to find a nice little table or vanity to do my makeup in etc. so I have kept my old wooden one, which doesn't look to bad as it’s in its own little area of the room and I don’t mind! But we might be painting it anyway and I still had loads of room for it! So that’s that!:) I love it, leave your comments below telling me what you think!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what you think of my new furniture! Speak to you soon!