Monday, 28 April 2014

Spring Nail Varnishes

Hope you are all having a lovely day so far! I wanted to show you all some of my favourite nail varnishes/polishes (depending on where you're from) for Spring time! I am one of those people who definitely likes to stick to season colours (if there is such a thing ahah) and these ones I fel really fit with this time of year.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Lilac
 So the first one here is a very nice shade of purple, definitely one of my favourite colours! I absolutely love this and it says so long on the nails without chipping(week and a half or so). It has a great formula and glides on the nail really well. Definitely one of my favourites for Spring!

Rimmel 60 seconds in Breakfast in Bed

 Next is one of the new Rimmel varnishes from Rita Ora's collection. I really like all of them actually! It really is a very beautiful minty green blue colour ahah!
(If you are thinking of getting one may I suggest looking on ASOS first as them seem to constantly have them on sale, and they have free shipping sooo)

Rimmel Precious Stones

 This is such an amazing one! Personally I wore it to my prom last year, and when you put it on the nail it goes on so well and it literally is not just little pieces of glitter it's just full coverage polish with no shortage of that glittery stuff at all!
O.P.I The Drummer is Hot

This little sample of O.P.I varnish is from a little set my mum got me for Christmas called Rock Goddess I believe, this one is a nice orangey/red on the nails! Very fiery.
O.P.I Chic from Easrs to tail
 This one again from a set I got for Christmas from my mum, in the Couture of Minnie collection ahah! It's a lovely baby pink colour that of course is an obvious one for Spring and Summer time!!
Topshop AWOL
 Last but not least a Topshop royal blue colour called Awol I don't know if it they still do it, but I don't see why not! This is my absolute favourite ever colour! The story behind this if you were interested is that I was in London with my mum and I saw this exact colour in an O.P.I stand but it was £16! so I took a picture and ran everyone looking for the right colour dupe! and here he is ahah!

Also...If you couldn't tell I was playing around with the backgroud here! So if it looks a little weird that's because....

Tell me your favourite colours for Spring in the comments, and what you think of this background attempt! ;)