Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Update and Makeup Haul!

Hello everyone, hope you're well! Long time no see I'm afraid! Which is very much my own fault I'm afraid exams have gotten the better of me and my full concentration was on them for a while which is why content has been so sparse! I have so much revision and work to be doing that my teaches decided to spring on me/us at the last minute before exams! It was just chaos and I couldn't find the time I wanted to blogging on top of everything else! As I put exams and schooling ahead of blogging the lack of posts reflects that! and I am trullyyyy sorry!

So why am I blogging now when I still have exams left!? Well I have about a week and a few days until my next exam so I decided a little update was in order and as I've done some damage in the makeup department thought I could slowly start to build my posts back up with this one! So posts wwon'tbe as often as I would like still until the exams- this will be my next post around the 4th of June possibly before so watch out for it! I will also tweet about it, so look for that to! I want content to get better and therefore need to spend longer on it. But as it is exam season I can't give it the amount of time I want to and would rather it was exceeding what it has  been previously! So that's why I've taken the gap! Sorry for the huge ramble but posts will get better and more often after that! Thank you for reading through all of that! and on to the haul.....
Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream in 'Light'
First up is something I've wanted to try for quite some time after hearing quite a few people rave about this! Now one thing I do have to say is the 'light' which is the product I have bought, actually is not that fair, so if you are one of those peopl that do have really light skin this might not be for you...saying that however, I myself do find I always buy the lightest shades as I am quite as most people living in England...however not really pale if that makes anyyyy sense! ahah, anyway this is a tad dark for me but I can make it work because it looks similar to my neck and there isn't a huge difference! So I guess blending and a light bronzer will do if you have around my skin tone. I will do later posts on some of these things more into detail about what I think!
Retailing for: £6.99

Rimmel Lipsticks

Next are these lip sticks from Rimmel, the top left 'Just So' and the right 'In Vogue' as you can see the colours are super bright which is something I do not usually go for! But as these were on sale for around £3 each how could I say no! I don't think I'll be wearing them fully in all their glory as my skin tone just wouldn't look right I don't think, so I think I will have mute them a bit and rub it in with a balm over the top, but overall love these, very hydrating and not drying at all from the 2 times I've tried them already!
Retailing for: £3.99

Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Crayon in 'Sun Kissed'

I just had to pick this up being a new thing from Rimmel and the amount of different colours there were was amazing! I wanted to try it out first before purchasing more than 1 so I started with this, but let me tell you, I am going back! These are so moisturising and last so long without being sticky or anything! I fell in love with this colour so of course had to pick it up! It's in Sun Kissed if you were wondering!
Retailing at: £5.99
Rimmel Scandaleyes in 'Nude'

This has been so raved about I can't even stress enough the amount of people that talk about 'Rimmel Scandaleyes' so of course had to get one, and being Spring and wanting to look more awake I opted for the 'Nude' which I feel brightens up the eyes!
Retailing for: £3.99

Rimmel Match Perfection blush in 'Light'
This blush caught my eye because it is so pretty and looked perfect for Spring and Summer and I am sooo excited for it!! It has a mix of a peachy toned colour, a lovely rosey pink and a beige colour and I thought this might be so lovely to give a bit of a glow to my face!  So I picke this up in 'Light' just to get a hopefully natural glow!

L'oreal False Lash Flutter in 'Jet Black'

Next is something I have wanted to try for agesss now but because I couldn't justify the £10.99 on it never bought it...until now because I just had to get it!!! The wand is slightly slanted at one side and the other looks like a normal mascara wand type of shape! That's why I think it would be able to hit the bottom lash line really well as well as the top because of the angle! So yeah, so excited about trying this out!!
Retailing for: £10.99
Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish in 'I Lilac you'
 This is showing up on camera as being slightly greyish but I promise it's a lovely purple, lilac just as the name describes and it looks so perfect for spring and not at a bad price! Plus I am always drawn towards these as they are '60 seconds' and I am very impatient ahah. 
Retailing for: £3.69

So that's all for the haul today, sorry this was a longer post but I promise after exams content will really start to look up! I will have a post up soon, don't worry about that!! Keep checking my twitter for updates! @chic_andcheap

Thank you again for reading this post, have a lovelyyyy day and I'll talk to you soon!