Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Favourite Spring/Summer Lip products

Hello everyone! Hope you're well! As promised I am back today as I have finished my exams (finally) which I am so happy I can't tell you! They have been so stressful and difficult and at least I get a 5 day break before back to school! So in honor of the end of my exams I have done a post today for you of my favourite lip products for Spring/Summer time! 

So first up is this one from No7 'Sheer temptation' lipstick in 'Lovely' I know this may look a tad dark for Spring/Summer I know, I know but like the name suggests it glides on sheer! It gives such a nice texture and feeling on the lips! It isn't sticky or anything like that however sometimes if you don't put a balm or something underneath it can come off easily otherwise I can eat and and everything without it coming off for hours which I love! Anyway, it is a slightly puple-ish red on my lips and I just looove this and although the higher end of drugstore not that expensive!
Retailing for: £9.75

Next is one of everyones favourites: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters- there are just not enough compliments to give these!! They're very true to colour and what the stick looks like, so you wont be disappointed from a different colour than what you swatched! I have two in the shades 'Macaroon and 'Juicy Papaya' I love these two because I feel the red one can be worn in all seasons in my opinion because it's just that nice almost dark lipsticks that I love wearing at night! Anywaayyy so creamy and moisturising IF again a balm or something is applied underneath.
Retailing for: £5.99

Another one of my favourite's for Spring and summer time are these Rimmel Colour Rush balms and if you’ve read my post recent post previous to this one you will know these are a fairly new purchase for me but I had to go back and gte another because I liked it so much!! Anyway these are slightly drying which is kind of a downer but the colour kind of stains your lips which I love but not for too long, but I’m one of those people who don’t mind reapplying a few times! But if you’re one that does then the Revlon ones are probably for you instead!
Retailing for: £5.99

Lastly I have Babylips these were very hyped about for a while and then some people didn’t like them but personally despite the slightly drying effect I really love them, and I especially love their price. It just really is nice to have a little balm for on the go and especially in Spring and Summer when it’s a bit warmer you don’t want to have complete Lipstick, Lipgloss on and the works so a balm works so much better butttt- may I recommend for holidays the Vaseline yellow one with the sun protectant in! Anyway, yes I love babylips, two pictured here but I think I have a few more scattered everywhere because I’m a hoarder ahah, but yeah definitely recommend these for Spring and Summer and they are always in my pocket for throughout the day when I want something on or a little colour!

Retailing for £2.99

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your favourite lip product for Spring time?
Have a great day, speak soon!