Friday, 27 June 2014

My Skin Saviours

Hello again everyone! Hope you're week has gone well! Today I want to talk to you about something that has been such a skin savior for me (as you can probably tell from the title). But before I get into this I want to quickly say these products have worked for me and helped in my opinion, I know they might not work for everyone and I don’t know if they are proven to work or anything, I am simply just telling you my opinion on these products so yeaaahhh. Also I wanted to mention that I do take an pill to help control my acne, which I had been taking for 6 months before trying these products so and my skin had stayed pretty much the same for a few months, so I can give you pretty good outlook on these two products.

I bought these products about a month ago I would say, as I was looking for a new moisturiser as I was using one of the Cetaphil range but made me so oily I can't even tell you and had no results on my skin so I wanted to find one that would work better and was a bit lighter on the skin as it’s coming up to summer. I had previously researched online the best lightweight moisturisers for oily skin and the Neutrogena ones came up at the cheapest price which I am alllll for. So as I headed to Boots the following day to pick it up I noticed a 2 for £5 offer so of course had to get something else as alone the moisturiser along is £4.99…and I picked up the Cream Wash pictured above as I was running out of a face wash I had anyway making it the perfect chance to pick one up.

I have to say despite using the acne controlling pill I was talking about, this has made the biggest difference to my skin and I am so happy with the results. I truly think this has helped to clear up my spots AS WELL AS my blackheads AS WELL AS preventing breakout which is a win, win, win. I say this as my pill did help to clear up but took about 2 months or so and had a steady improvement, however that stopped at about 4 month so for the 2 months following that my skin was very samey but that has completely changed since then and gotten even better!! Although my skin is still not perfect or anywhere close to that, I am really happy with the effect it’s had especially for the price it is! I definitely recommend this, not only to people with my skin type but to everyone the moisturiser is so creamy, light, refreshing and has the most amazing pink grapefruit smell (which if you aren't a fan of there is a normal line one that I believe is unscented, this is the newer range of it), I also feel as it kind of renews your skin as well which may sound weird but I find if you put it on your skin at night after you've washed it and everything that in the morning you wake up with a slightly oily face but it kind of puts that oil back into your skin that you need for that balance. Because the most common reason for oily skin is frequent stripping and taking away of oil in your face and you don't have enough so your oil glands feel the need to produce more, however mine just keeps producing so that’s fun.

So onto the Cream Wash now, this is just my favourite thing, even more so that the moisturiser. This is because of the pink grapefruit element (I don’t know if it does this with the original one) as having the citrus in it has given it a refreshing almost tingling element to it so if you use it in the morning just completely wakes you up and leaves you with a soft, non-greasy, and non-oily face which is amazing. I feel like it cleans your face so well and gets rid of everything but like it says on the packaging doesn't dry out your skin even with daily use! Which is a problem I usually find with washes that I'll use it once and I'll get these awful dry patches which of course is not good with an already oily face because you can't fight both at one time with my skin! So even though I use this twice a day sometimes (but usually only once, at night because I'm lazy in the morning) it still leaves me with a soft, dry-free face which is amazing. These
I love these products and they've sold me to go buying some more! Like I said I'm no expert but I really believe this duo/range help your skin whether you like the pink grapefruit or the original, but with these price tags how can you really go wrong anyway?
                                                                       Retailing for: 
Moisturiser: £4.99
                                                                  Cream Wash: £4.99

If you have these products or if I've sold you on them and decide to purchase them tell me in the comments below what you think and if they've helped you! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon!