Sunday, 8 June 2014

Summer OOTD // Floral Shorts

Hello again everyone! Hope you are having a lovely day like I am! The sun is out in England and actually was pretty hot this morning..can you believe it!? but I think it's starting to cool down a bit more now, but still a very lovely temperature! So in honor of the beautiful weather the UK is currently having, I am coming at you with an OOTD.

This personally is my favourite summer outfit, despite the shorts being a little bit black I had to have them because look at them! Tell me they aren't they the best?
First of all, I want to highlight the obvious this here bra straps look terrible, I know I know BUT I did not have my strapless bra this day so please forgive and try to look past because I loooove this top! These kind are my favourite thing right now, I love the high neck!! I just feel they look so elegant and cute plus being easy to wear!!
Lets get on to where everything is from:

Short: TKmaxx
High neck halter crop top: Miss Selfridges (definitely check them out there are so many colours!!)
Sunglasses: Boots

Hope you loved this post! Let me know your favourite Summer piece in the comments below!