Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Body Shop Unboxing Haul

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great day so far! I had to do a little post about what I bought on-line on The Body Shop website, this should whave been up here about 2 weeks ago however I have had some problems with the delivery of my items!!

As it expressed on The Body Shop website a 3-5 working days delivery which never happened, I kept thinking maybe it would come the next day but never did, so eventually 2 weeks later when I'd finally convinced myself it wasn't coming I called The Body Shop helpline that was on the e-mail I'd received to confirm purchase. I told the man on the phone my the ref number I had and he told me that because I never set up an account (as I was too excited and lazy that day to think about it ahah) there was no tracking number to see where my delivery was, so he told me I could have a refund or replacement. I of course opted for a replacement as what I'd bought online that day was buy 2 get 2 free...and I was not about to pass that up as I'd saved £15. So anyway, thanks to The Body Shop's amazing customer service the gentleman I spoke to on the phone sent out my package express and later the same day I received a text saying it could be with me the following day, which I think is excellent despite the original delay. I had it delivered on the 18th and now finally have this post for you! Sorry as usual for the endless explanation, I just thought I would share my experience with The Body Shop's customer service.

Anyway, finally getting into the actual post here, I bought 4 things from The Body Shop online store as they were having a buy 2, get two free which I mentioned earlier. It took me hours, and I mean hours to finally little down my order to 4 things that I'd wanted for quite a while but never wanted to pay the actual for so I did it this way, all the while knowing I only wanted to spend £25 max, which I did exactly. 

So first up, we have The Body Shops Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. I bought this because recently I have really been wanting to buy a clay mask after seeing the first aid beauty red clay mask reviews as people with similar sort of skin to myself have had quite good luck with it. But as first aid beauty isn't very available in the UK and comes along with a hefty price tag, I thought I'd find a better one. I bought this range in particular as not only is it supposed to be good for acne skin but The Body Shop website says that it also is very good at fighting oily skin, which I struggle with A LOT. I have already tried this once, and from that I can say it really does dry within 10 minutes and you're left with really soft, non-oily skin. Which is amazing for me. Definitely can't wait to try this again.
Retailing for: £12.00

Next up is the Early-Harvest Raspberry Eau De Toilette, this I was particularly excited about as I have wanted this since it's come out after being given a card with a sample on it, I fell in love with the scent of this! So sweet and fruity, and exactly the kind of smell that I like! I bought this one as I believe it's the only size they have online as I may have gone for a larger size at the time but I'm so glad I bought this one as it's so easy to throw in your bag to re-spray it throughout the day.

Retailing for: £8.50 for 30ml

Again this is another one of those products that when I heard there was a buy 2, get 2 free HAD to be on my list. This baked blush is just so pretty and I loved the contrast between the coral coloured blush and the shimmery bronzer type of colour that came with it. I have tried this every day since I bought it and I have to say it is VERY pigmented, and seriously you only need a little, as let me tell you the first time I used it I unknowingly dabbled my brush all in it and when I applied it looked like a Porcelain Doll or something so as long as you just start off with a little it really does have a nice effect.

Retailing for: £12.00 in the shade Coral

Last but not least this Vitamin E Face Mist, honestly this may just have been something else to be a filler in the basket or to treat myself as I would never go for something like this, especially at £8.00. But as I was getting the two free I decided that it would be worth it  as after all this was supposed to be an after exam treat anyway. So that's how I justified this, and honestly I don't think it's going to have any real benefits to my skin as it isn't particularly dry or anything like that as that is skin type this product is particularly aimed for. However when you go online it does say that it is beneficial as a setting spray, so I'll that a go and let you know how I get on. But I'd say if you're looking for a facial mist and have dry skin this would be great for you, but if you just want a nice mist and don't want to pay too much the Avene one is probabky for you as I think it's around £3 something like that, and can be found at Boots. I would have invested in that however, like I said buy 2 get 2 free may me choose that as I was getting it free anyway.

Retailing for: £8.00

So that's it for the post today, I really hope you enjoyed this and tell me in the comments below your favourite thing I bought or what you would have or even did buy with The Body Shop's Buy 2 Get 2 offer.