Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Haul!!

Hello everyone hope you are doing well as usual and I want to apologise AGAIN for not having a blog post up recently, I know last time I was just finishing up with exams and was trying to focus on them rather than my blog as school is a priority. However, my posts have started back up again and as usual forgot to schedule some posts so I've left you all a bit hiatus here. It is for a reason that I’ve not yet mentioned on my blog I don't think, but I'm moving from where I live in North Yorkshire to Maryland USA.

This is obviously a huge difference to everything I'm used to here in the UK. But I must say: I’m not really looking forward to it at all. Just because I feel like I'm leaving everything behind here like friends, family and my boyfriend. Although only moving for a year (yes I know silly, but my mum's job requires her to do so) I will miss my final year of A-levels with everyone I know and love.

Despite being able to come back and do the rest, which is just two (as I will be taking one while I’m away) I fear I  will be alone not knowing anyone in the year below and my friends already having gone to Uni.  Although people may feel it’s a gap year one year early...while a gap year was never what I’ve ever wanted to do, ever since I was little I just wanted to go on and do whatever my next step was right away, not wasting any time and getting their as soon as possible. However, at this point with everything being packed up this week I think it’s finally time to admit I'm actually moving..in 17 days as of today. So I am trying to embrace this best I can, grabbing the bull by the horns making the most of my last few weeks at this point (which is very sad to say) and thinking how I can use this year to better myself: for starters I'm cutting off 3 inches of my hair to let it grow healthier and we'll see what else the rest of this years brings!

 So before I get too far into that I’m going to get right on with this post…..A HAUL which I know everyone loves! Keeping in mind it’s quite difficult for me to do having all my clothes in bags and getting them all creased with no iron available ahah so I hope you appreciate this ;) I also am sorry I do not have everything in this post as something's have been mailed or are in the wash but I will be sure to do another haul when I get it all back and you can see it all. Anyway here we go….. First lets start with my personal favourite H&M, I only have two from here:

A gorgeous blue flowery dress pictured below (sorry it's so creased), I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it hanging alone in a different rack than where it should have been, in my size with no sign of any similar ones around it. I grabbed it and ran, literally. Just in case someone had placed it down and was coming back for it, cheeky I know. Anyway, it fits so well and perfect for the really nice weather we're having currently in the UK (for once) and is just lose so no restrictions, easy to move in and keeps you cool which is great as recently I've been played a lot of tennis at school ahah.
  Next up is this top I've had my eye on for quite a while but where I live they only had the creamy pink one in my size and I really wanted this blue one as it's pretty much my favourite colour. So when I took a trip to London and saw this it really was no question that I had to get it despite it being quite see through obviously due to the lace detail which I'm usually not a fan of it just looked so elegant to me and I love it, it can be casual or made to be smart.

Retailing for: £12.99
The next shop we'll go to is New Look: I purchased these a couple weeks ago in my day trip to York with my boyfriend which was amazing!
First up is one of my addictions that I'm pretty sure everyone has sussed by now! I love these type of trousers, I find they fit me so well (in my opinion at least ahah) and they're just so much more comfy and I can wear them on holiday to. I love printed trousers, not only do they add so much more complexity to an outfit they're just so practical and you only have to wear them with basics.
Retailing for: £17.99
 This second purchase from New Look is these crochet/lace black shorts. I have been looking for a pair of these forever and was going to get some from H&M but I found with there's I had to get quite a big size to fit everything in so didn't get them as they came up too short anyway. I am so so happy with these tried them on and they fit like a glove!! I think they look so nice and so flattering and with my birthday around the corner I'm thinking of wearing these.
Retailing for: £12.99
Primark is next and I did have a few more things I know but as I said they are in the wash or have been shipped so they will be in a future post!! These trousers jumped at me when I was in Primark they are just something that's so me and I would wear and I really don't think I have anything like them they are a little to small but if I got a larger size they wouldn't fit my legs so although a little bit small they are small comfortable but they run a little small so definitely try on you might be the size up!

Another shop here: Bershka. I can't say I've even been in one of the shops of this chain before but have also wanted to after seeing youtubers talk about it and good deals. Although these were a little bit expensive for what they are and their slightly see-through I love the colour as again I don't have any trousers this particular colour and I'm trying to dress a bit brighter for summer!

Retailing for: £19.99

Next is Forever21 with something very basic but everyone needs one so I thought I would just throw it in! It was only £2 and the one I had from Primark was always digging into my back!
Retailing for: £2

Here is my final clothing piece and from Forever21. This top caught my eye as soon as I walked in! i just love the print and how simplistic this is! I also feel like I can wear it with loads so I'm really excited to wear it more this summer!!

Retailing for: £5.99 (I think not 100%)

Last but not least shoes which are all from TkMaxx apart from the sandals which are Clarks! I decided I've already waffled too much so to just say a little bit about the shoes ahah!

Retailing for: £16.99

Retailing for: £19.99

Retailing for: £16.99
If you made it this far in the post then congrats to you! Let me know in the comments below if you did! Also tell me what exciting plans you have for this summer? Speak soon!