Thursday, 20 November 2014

Updates and mini Forever21 haul!!

Hello everyone! It's been quite a little while since I've posted on here....

I have a couple reasons for that, one of which I went back to England for 3 weeks to visit with everyone, but before that I took a trip unto Pennsylvania and New York and had some personal things I was trying to think through which had me lets just say not in the right mood for blogging. But since then and I've come back is it bad to say I've kind of forgotten? I was trying to do a job search which was successful fortunately and I've been trying to get on top of some school work but now I am fully ready to get back into the swing of things/blogging son you should be seeing a lot more of me. 

This was just a super quick updates post....but as this was a short paragraph about what's been going on with me I thought I would include a tiny, tiny haul from Forever21, meaning literally two things but I thought I would include them just to make this post a bit longer and to show you what I got......

First is this 'sweater', I love this because of the stripes and it's actually surprisingly soft. It's slightly cropped but not too much that you'd have to wear high waisted things, I think you can away with normal waist jeans as it would hit just about there.

Retailing for: $15.90

Next is this skirt, I bought this on a separate occasion to the top because Forever21 was having 50% some fall pieces, a free shipping day on everything with no minimum and I had a 10% off promo code so in total I literally paid $5.88 which is a really great deal, Especially because this is just a good quality item. So of course it was completely necessary haha.

Retailing for: $9.80

Thank you so much for reading this post today and I'll see you soon!! Have a great day,