Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Best Lengthening Mascara?

Hello again everyone, hope you're doing well!!

 I am so excited for the post today as in my recent move over the last month I've been super busy getting back from my trip home to England and trying to sort things out here. I have been on a hunt for quite a while now trying to find a really good mascara for me, as I have such tiinnyyy eye lashes I am always looking for a lengthening mascara but also one that holds a curl as my lashes are straight so they tend to drop after a couple hours of mascara if that makes sense haha, even with an eyelash curler. I'm also really annoyed with myself as I've wanted to do this post for a little while now but actually threw out the box that this product came in so I'm really sorry about that but I hope you enjoy this anyway!!:)

Retailing for: $24  (0.33 fl. oz.)

This particular mascara is claimed to be a 5-in one treatment that "takes the place of 5 products: 1) Your natural volumizing mascara, 2) Your conditioning, hydrating lash primer, 3) Your lash enhancing serum, 4) Your lash tint and 5) your lash comb/curler!" Being straight from the website is what it claims to do. So as you can see number 3, it's supposed to be a lash enhancing serum. This is one of the features that really drew me towards this product, I've been looking on-line at purchasing a serum but they all seem to have a pretty big price tag and have a lot of mixed reviews and unless I think I'm going to get results I dont want to spend that much money on that kind of product. So when I saw this mascara is supposed to give you long lashes when it's on and off I thought it would be perfect for me as my lashes never keep a curl, or my mascara's and yet again another claim it has is to be your curler. 

So I'll finally get into what I think of the product as well all know my weak point is all the rambling before it. I absolutely love this product, by no means is it absolutely perfect as it doesn't completely curl my lashes I feel like I still should before I apply it but it does really well to lengthen them, but you may still have to comb through them anyway. I can't comment on the fact it's supposed to grow your lashes as this is kind of my first impressions on it but it's definitely better than any drugstore mascara I've used, and I've used my fair share of them. However, one complaint I really have with this is thanks to oily skin I also get quite oily eye-lids therefore throughout the day or even half an hour after application the mascara starts to smudge off above my eye and that's something that doesn't happen with a lot of mascara's I use, I know it also happens with Benefits They're Real, but otherwise I would say I'd get the waterproof version but they don't have one which kind of bugs me but it's honestly something I can overlook as when I use it I'll prime my eyelids and powder them and then just rub my upper eyelids once in a while and it should work fine. But overall it really works for me without even needing to curl my lashes before hand. There are some reviews especially on Makeup Alley that describes how it didn't work for some. But it was quite easy for me to remove, it doesn't really clump on me. But the packaging is really funny to me as it looks like a pen but I like the spongey-ness of the handle even though it isn't that necessary...  

As you may be able to see on the tip of the brush there is like a spiky ball type thing. The point of this is you're supposed to use the mascara as you normally would and then use the spiky end to push up all of your lashes which you may think is silly but really does help, and that's supposed to push up the lashes and make them stay. I think this really does help the mascara to stay up. Overall, I think it is worth it if you have really short lashes like myself but if yours are fairly long then maybe just stick with drugstore because they could do you just as well, especially the L'oreal one but for myself I think this works quote well despite it's larger price-tag for a smaller mascara.

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you've tried out this mascara or know of any other good mascara's please leave it in the comments below!:) Equally if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see on here!:)