Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My New Years Eve Nails!

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your families! 

Today I'm doing  a quick little post showing you what's on my nails for NYE! I love this combination of the two so much. I tried this on a whim because I thought the white was too plain on its own and the sparkly pink Sally Hansen varnish was a recent gift from my auntie that I used kind of on a spur of the moment! I really love how it's turned out. I wasn't sure if the glitter varnish has a high coverage or not but as you can see from the swatch below, it's perfect for going over a plain base coat like I've done here.

I also wanted to talk this advantage to talk about nail growth. Anyone who knows me knows I haven't always had 'long' nails (I know they look short in the picture but in actual fact my normal nail is just a bit stubby haha). By long, I mean a lot longer than what they used to be if you've seen pictures. Why were they short you ask, well. My mum, dad, brothers and myself alike have all had a problem with biting our nails. Nasty night? Believe me I've tried a lot to stop over the years: even investing in the stuff that takes bitter so you don't bite them. But then because you need to reapply it I would never use it because I thought why torture myself haha. Anyway, finally I think I've kicked my habit. It may be too soon to say but a lot of studies suggest that after two weeks of not biting your nails you are more likely to stop altogether, and I would say we're getting into 4 weeks now?

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: $2.49
OPI Nail lacquer in 'Funny Bunny': $9 
 So for some of you sat there that might have the same problem and you want to know how I finally kicked it? Well...Getting braces. Seriously..that's why. I couldn't and still cant bite down hard enough to bite my nails without hurting my teeth so I kind of steer clear of it but even then I haven't even tried to in the past three weeks. Anyway if you've read that and you're didisappointedecause you don't have a way of stopping, I have one more thing that really helped me to grow out my nails, because once you have longer nails. That is the Sally Hansen Maximum growth treatment. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this...you may have seen it featured it in my Winter Favourites post. Honestly it's just the best growth treatment I've used. not saying of course that I've used them all but I have used about 4 and this is so good I have no reason to look for another. My nails do grow a visible amount in a week. So if you have short nails, or nails that don't grow, I really suggest this.

I hope you enjoyed this semi-short post despite my little ramble near the end haha. Have a lovely new Years Eve and I'll talk to you next year! Haha