Sunday, 7 December 2014

Winter Favourites!

Hello everyone!! Hope you're having a lovely day!

I wanted to do a post I've never really done on my blog today! I thought it would be nice to share these Winter Favourites with you as I actually have quite a few...so before I get too rambly lets just get right into it!!:)

First up I have a couple moisturisers, I have too many moisturisers to count on one hand, seriously. If I didn't have such oily skin I think that would be different, but since I do I am forever trying to find one that wont leave a greasy layer on my skin or keep me matte through the day like so many promise. Now let me tell you, I have found some that actually do keep you very matte... however they come with the price of dry skin, because these 'moisturisers' aren't actually putting nay moisture into your face. Anyway these two are the ones I have had the best luck with:Clean and Clears 'Dual action' and Neutrogena's moisturiser for sensitive skin. These are both very light moisturisers which I find works the best on my skin and they both are oil-free and don't clog pores so they're both great for all skin types. even dry skin.
Retailing for: £3.59

Retailing for: £4.99

Next is this foundation...can you believe there's only one in this post? ...Me either. I have worn this foundation for at least the last two weeks every time I have worn makeup. Everytime I get a new foundation an try it out a little I always go back to this and The No7 Beautifully Matte. This just stays on my skin so well, and lasts to long without getting patchy. Although I do get oily through the day and need to touch up with a blotting sheet or powder, that happens with all my foundations though so that I can't really blame this one for that because it is just my skin type. But great drugstore foundation: would definitely recommend!!
Retailing for: £6.99
Okay this one is too obvious and too predictable. These little egg-shaped joys are becoming one of my favourite things ever. I know people have raved about these for a very long time but living in England, as they are kind of difficult to get yours hands on, I was definitely a little late on this!! I love these things...although if you saw my updated make-up storage I've recently posted you will see I have a few to many baby lips, and for me they just don't work as well as although at first moisturising after using them for the day it makes my lips dry! but not with these guys....I've actually bought even more of them so stay tuned for a beauty haul.
Retailing for: $3.49
This next product is my best-friend. As sad as it is, since for a while I've had a problem with being able to keep my nails long as hard as I may try, if I let them try and grow themself it might take 2 weeks to even see a little bit of growth. But when I apply Sally Hansen's 'Maximum Growth' I honestly see results in days. Not just does it deserve to be in this post but also in my top 10 products ever.
Retailing for: £4.89
I was on the hunt a couple months ago for a new perfume as my favourite perfume 'Enchanted Wonderstruck' by Taylor Swift had run out. Maybe it was me being bored of it or I just wanted to try something new. Anyway, I spent at least an hour (yes in one go) in a perfume section smelling endless perfumes by designers, celebrities and any company that has made a perfume. I wasn't too fused about what company it was from as long as it was an appealing smell to me. I spelled a lot of decent perfumes that were nice but didn't really seem like my kind of scent. I finally found this perfume after about 45 minutes and 40 or so sample cards later. Immediately I knew this was the one I wanted but wasn't willing to pay that amount of money for the bigger bottle so I stumbled on this roll on version. I am so glad I got this size as a little can go a long way with this and I don't use it everyday, plus when I travel it's just the best size! If you see it when you're out I definitely advise a little smell!
Retailing for: $23
Before I talk about this, I want to tell you if you didn't already know about my oily skin. I will wear makeup or have a pain face for two hours after washing and have a ridiculously oily face. I wake up in the morning with just what i will describe as grease all over my face. I've had this for years upon years so it's nothing new to me, although I've never lost my hatred for it. I have also tried numerous products, spent what some people might call a ridiculous amount of time and money of products like this: researching and trialing and it got me, well, pretty much no where. On a recent trip to target I saw this and got it on a complete whim. I usually try not to do this but really needed a new cleanser and had just gotten my braces on so wasn't really in the mood to be there (which isn't me at all). That evening after taking my makeup off and exfoliating I used this and was blown away. This is the best product I have EVER used for my oily skin, it honestly does keep the oil away for the 8 hours if not longer....I now wake up in the morning with a completely matte face. I cannot remember a time before this product where that happened..and did I mention it's a mask to!? You can use it once a week for a 3 minute mask, I wouldn't recommend using it as a mask more than that as it might become over-drying but I use it twice a day, followed with a moisturiser and I haven't had any problems with dry patches so... well done Neutrogena!!
Retailing for: $6.83

I thought I would add just one this in this category for this season because I am too in love with these not to share.....they are the best Leggings I've ever worn...I wouldn't generally call these leggings as they're more like sweats but the name 'Sweater leggings' makes me think that it does make more sense....But seriously having no elastic waistband when I first got them was a little disappointing to me as they were slightly too big in a medium. However after a few wears it made it so much more comfortable without one! I would wear them everyday, all day if it was acceptable but for now I'll just wear them on my lazy days.
*photo straight from the Aerie Website*
Retailing for: $26.21 (current with sales)

I am in love (if you couldn't tell from above) with Aerie at the moment.....especially with free shipping and 40% off. I currently writing this have 3 shipments I'm waiting for from American Eagle and Aerie as they are apart of the same company and therefore have the same deals.
I've been on pinterest so much recently, for some reason it's really become a routine every evening to go on and see what new things I can add to my boards. I've never really been into Pinterest very much only using it occasionally to look for something specific, but now I use it for everything, and if you're interested in following me or looking at my profile my name on there is just: Kerry Colt
If you know me well,  you will know I am a big lover of all things candle related. They just make everything so cosy and they fill the room with lovely smells and they're just so pretty to look at!! Especially with little holders like these that are winter themed. But of course inside these come winter candles!!!!

Winter candles are one of my favourite things about the season and christmas. These are some of my favourite in the photo below however I love pretty much all of them.....although niot citrus or cinnamon smelling candles as I'm a person who enjoys sweeter smells. If you made me choose one out of the line-up below I would give you a response of two, because there's no way  could choose haha: Cranberry Ice and Sugared Apple. I would definitely recommend all of these, and the Yankee Candle December Advent Calendar so you can have the chance to try them all at a lower price:)

This is one of my personal friends who is always one of my favourite people I guess...but I  thought I would mention her to you today so you can go check out her l blog all about her beautiful photography, lifestyle, some beauty and fashion. But since she's been super busy lately she hasn't been blogging as much.....so please go over to her blog and comment on her posts telling her to get back on haha. Oh and tell her Kerry's post sent you ;)


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! See you soon:)
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