Wednesday, 7 January 2015

All about the new Proactiv+/ My experience!

Hello everyone! 
Today I thought this would be a really nice post to share with you today as everyone is trying to get into their New Years resolutions and trying to  follow through with them, and if yours was something to do with improving your skin, or even if it's not but you still want to improve your skin, this post might help you.

Advertisements are very persuasive, that's the whole point of them after all and I'd heard of Proactive but never Proactiv+. I'd wanted to try it for a long times so caved. I've had acne for about 6 years, and I've tried so many things to get rid of and reduce my acne as well as the redness. So when I saw the add for this at a not so bad price of $20, I jumped especially as there was a free gift haha. It came a week or something later so wasn't bad shipping (oh, and did I mention the shipping was free to?).

I ripped open the package as soon as it got here, although not before I was able to take a few pictures of how it shipped. I was so excited to start using proactive and I honestly just couldn't wait to wash my face every morning and night with the wash and follow up with the products because I couldn't wait to see results.

Before I get too rambly let me just tell you a little bit (and I mean a little bit I promise) about Proactiv what it does and how you're supposed to use it. It basically claims that it's a 'skin smoothing exfoliation and built-in hydration for visibly improved tone,texture and brightness. This product like no other product on the market claims to actually get into your pores rather than just sitting on the surface of your skin. Because of these Water and Lipid covered Benzoyl Peroxide particles they 'unfold like a flower' when they get into your pores and kill bacteria which is what is supposed kill and keep bacteria away. They say it's the lipids present in the treatment that is what is able to draw the Benzoyl Peroxide into your skin. Now that you know the science behind it and what it does let me tell you how to use it.

You're supposed to use all of the products morning and night. the three-step system is a skin smoothing exfoliator, a pore targeting solution and a complexion perfection hydrator. First you wash your face with the exfoliator. Pat dry and apply the solution and then let that dry and apply the hydrator. It also comes in selected packs with a body exfoliator (but honestly don't bother with it, it made my slight acne on my chest worse) and a small tube of a Skin Purifying mask.

I need to tell you right now, this mask. Is the best thing that ever happened to my face....when I feel like my face has a little bit of extra redness and pores are inflammed I will use this mask, basically similar to those clay masks you put on and they dry? Well anyway, you apply it, leave it on for 10 minutes until it drys and hardens then you just wash it off with water! Instantly you see a different and my skin is a lot more even and less red and smoother. I should really do a post on just the mask so you can see a before and after, so let me know if you'd like that.

I know you just want to know if it worked so I'll tell you: Yes and No. After a week or so I started to see a change meaning that I has less acne and less was appearing, but they were still coming. A couple weeks later the same less redness but I was still getting a few mainly around my jaw. But it really did make my skin clearer. In certain pictures it would look like I hardly had any spots but of course while I was wearing makeup.  After about...3 months of using it i decided to stop. Why? i wasn't seeing a difference anymore, my skin was the same, spots would come and go. But one thing that changed was I did lose some of my redness but that wasn't very important as I'd rather just clear my acne and Proactiv+ did NOT clear my acne. It killed some but I always got new spots.

In less words, I did not have that revolutionary before and after picture that you see on all the Ads. I did have clearer skin don't get me wrong, but after 3 months I wasn't getting the amazing results I'd been promised by Proactiv so I was kind of let down by that.

If you have mild-moderate acne and you're struggling to get rid of it, I think definitely give Proactiv a try because you will see clearer skin, but the degree of how much clearer just depends on each individual person. Like I said...I did see good results, my acne was lessened for sure but I still got it, months after using it. When they promise it being 6 weeks it kind of disheartened me. I still used the exfoliator but stopped the other two and started using some other products, and now. I don't use the 3-step treatment. I use other products for my routine now, but of course...I still use my beautiful mask because it really, really works for me! If you want to see what I use as my skincare routine now, please let me know in the comments below, because I honestly think it's working well for me.

I also just want to note that throughout my Proactiv+ journey I was taking and still am taking Acne tablets prescribed by a dermatologist. If you're wondering as a sidenote my Acne consists of very moderate Pustules, but more so Comedones (which is blackheads/whiteheads). I also am considered to have 'Moderate' Acne, just because I have more Blackheads than those with Mild. Just if you want to see if you're skin is similar to mine in terms of using these products. 

Thank you so much for reading this really, really long post. If you made it to the end then congrats!! Let me know in the comments if you did:) Just wanted to let you know, this post was purposefully up today, despite having one yesterday. This is because my new blog post days are Sunday and Wednesday! So make sure to be on the look out!
Have a lovely day speak to you soon!!