Sunday, 18 January 2015

Guest Post // Becca's Weekend Evening Weekend Routine


Today we have a guest post from a new blogger, she'll be telling you about what she does in her evening weekend routine. Make sure you go and give her blog a look, and I hope you enjoy this post. This is my first time doing a guest post, so let me know if you like these or not in the comments!

Hello everyone I’m Becca and I write a small beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog called Beauty, Blogs and Bath Bombs. I write posts that are about my favourite products, product comparisons, and tags, I sometimes also just sit down and write about whatever springs to mind. I hope that you enjoy reading this blog, and will go over and read more at beautyblogsandbathbombs.blogspot.co.uk
Today I thought I would tell you about my weekend evening routine, I have different routines for during the week and on the weekends, the main difference is that my weekday routine is significantly shorter, simply because I have less time. So let’s get started!

On a lazy Saturday night, I tend to start getting ready for bed at about 7:30pm, I know this is very early, but I watch TV in the middle so it’s not that long! At 7:30, I go upstairs to my room and start to run myself a warm bath. While that's running I take off all my makeup and put on a Superdrug own brand Aloe Vera De-Stressing mud mask. I then crumble my favourite Lush Bubble Bar called Brightside into the bath. This bubble bar has an amazingly fresh, citrusy scent, and turns the water an amazing orange colour; it’s the best way to brighten up any day!

Once my bath complete with bubble bar is ready and I have on my face mask, I light whatever candles I am currently burning – normally 3-4 different types and sizes- and get in. I get in and soak for about half an hour whilst either reading, listening to music or watching YouTube videos on my phone. Towards the end of my bath I wash my body. I often use a fragrance which matches my bath bomb, so with my fruity Brightside bomb, I use my Body Shop Passion Fruit Shower gel. After my bath, I blow out the candles (health and safety people!) and wash off my face mask, I then go through to my room and moisturize using my Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet and my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter -I told you I was keeping it fruity!

 Once I have done all of that, I go downstairs and watch TV for an hour or so with my family and perhaps have a sneaky bowl of ice cream! We always watch Casualty or catch up on shows on iPlayer. This hour is really important to me as we all spend time together and we always chat about our weeks and what we are going to do the next day.
I go upstairs brush my teeth and hair, then wash my face. I use the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash, every day and night, it is my favourite as it is gentle to my skin, but removes grease and dirt really well! I plait my hair loosely to one side, and then light the candles in my room and turn on my fairy lights, ready to relax before bed.

For the next 15 minutes or so I look through my phone at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, before turning off my phone and laptop and putting them on charge. I get out my book, which is currently McBusted: The Story Of The World’s Biggest Superband, as it was a Christmas present and they are my favourite band! I then say goodnight to my parents and go to sleep.

 Well, that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this post, please go over and check out my blog, it would mean a lot! Follow me on Instagram, Google+ and Twitter (links on my blog), I also have a Facebook page Becca Blogs so go and look for that too. 
I hope to see you soon over on my blog and leave any comments below or direct message me on my social media! Thank you for reading.