Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Mock Neck Jumper

 Hello Everyone! 
I am so glad that I have another outfit post today, as I haven't done one of these in e very long time...really since I started blogging. This time of year especially, the outfits are my favourite. I love comfy, warm jumpers which is exactly what I used for the main point of this outfit. Also I'm really loving the mock neck trend because I love high necks, but don't always suit me. Which makes this jumper perfect because the mock neck is so slight to not be unflattering but still just enough to have detail and be on trend. 

I paired this grey jumper I found at Target, with these insanely comfy trousers from H&M. I think I own every colour in these, not just from H&M but also from Bershka, New Look and Primark. If you can't tell I'm slightly obsessed with this style. They're a thinner material (so can be slightly see-through depending on the colour) but still keep you really warm, and comfortable. 

I didn't pair this outfit with a necklace or anything, obviously if you recreated it, you could is you wish. I just felt like I didn't want to distract from the mock neck with a statement necklace as it is slight, and I love the jumper on its own.

The boots in this outfit are my absolute favourite things. Can you guess where they're from?
If you saw my Fashion Wishlist post and my Updates post you might...Forever21. This shop is my absolute weakness. Often with high-street shops it's hit or miss season to season as they try to supply and suit a range of people and they stick to trends making it a bit of a gamble whether you'll love or hate the collection from one week to another. However, with Forever21 and myself the story is completely different. I ALWAYS find something I want in there, which is what makes even browsing on their online store dangerous for me.
Sorry about the ramble, anyway..these boots are so comforable to wear for a long period of time, the perfect height and very affordable. Plus they come in an array of colours. What else do you need in a pair of booties?


I hope you enjoyed this outfit post, if you did let me know in the comments and I will definitely do more of them! 
Have a lovely day.