Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mini Target Haul

Hello everyone!
I was wondering what kind of post to share with you today and I thought why not throw all three together! So in terms of the 'lifestyle' aspects in this post, I'm sharing my Target shopping obsession with you haha. But seriously though, I could spend hours upon hours there just wondering around and looking at all the bits and pieces they have. And possibly spending a little too much time in the makeup section.

I'm considering this post to be fashion and beauty because of the contents of this mini haul. I'll start with the white mesh pen holder. I'm not really thinking of using this as a pen holder but more so to hold makeup brushes, because if you were unaware I won the Style Of Colours collab giveaway with Nanshy and other bloggers. So because my other makeup holder as become slightly....crowded due to some other new additions I thought it was high time I opted for a new one to hold some new additions. The little 'notes' book you see there is really rather cute. If you follow me on instagram you will have already seen this little beauty in a picture as I had to show off how cute the cover is. In contrast to what it says on the front though, it really is more than just notes. It has a monthly planner in the front and contacts but largely just notes. I was looking for a 'planner' but I really did only need a by monthly planner rather than weekly because those slightly bother me. But I had to grab this because it's just so cute!

Anyway, next is the NYX Love in Paris eye shadow palette. I picked this up because I was in the market for a small little palette I could take with me on my trip back to England (which I'm already on by the time you're reading this, yay!) that was kind of small to pack up in my makeup bag, but has a lot of mutual shades, but also because I really wanted to try some more things from NYX as I've only ever tried their soft matte lip creams (which are excellent may I say).

Lastly, this beautiful jumper which you'll have already seen if you caught my 'Mock Neck Jumper Outfit' post. Can I just say, the bargains you can find in the Target sales are great. This jumper sets a great example being around $12.50 at 30% off! I love the way this jumper looks because like I've said before I love the mock neck jumper trend, but high necks don't always suit me so this is kind of more subtle but still follows the trend.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you soon!
#Let me know in the comments your favourite part of this haul.