Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Most Reached for Foundations

Foundations are one of my biggest loves when it comes to makeup. I am constantly repurchasing them to find one that is the perfect match for my skin, not just for my tone but to find one that can help me combat my oily, acne prone complexion and hyperpigmentation I have. With that being such a tall order I've found some pretty good ones that work well for me so I thought I'd share them with you. I've put two drugstore foundations and two slightly more expensive foundations in here just to suit everyones price range!

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation: £13.50 (http://www.boots.com/en/No7-Beautifully-Matte-Foundation_1273293/)
I absolutely love this foundation, it have really great coverage without feeling too heavy. But just likes the name suggests it really is matte, but doesn't look to cakey on the skin. All I will say is if you have dry patches on your skin, it will stick to them and make it kind of stand out, so definitely use a good moisturiser before putting this on if you do have dry skin.
Here's the link to the full review of this foundation if you want to read more about it.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: £29.50 (http://www.boots.com/en/Estee-Lauder-Double-Wear-Stay-in-Place-Makeup-SPF-10-30ml_4409/)
This foundation is absolutely amazing. It doesn't cover all my acne, but it does cover a lot of it and that's all good. It leaves such an amazing finish on the skin, and stays where you put it. It's known for how it doesn't transfer onto anything, so if you face rubs against something: it won't come off. Plus it even though I do get oily throughout the day (which happens regardless of the foundation) it doesn't look really bad like some others do, so I love that.
My only downside being that I wish it had a pump on it rather than having to pour it out but you can always purchase one separately.
If you would like a full review of this foundation let me know in the comments.

Neutrogena Microclear Foundation: (not sold in the UK, but you can get it on amazon) (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Neutrogena-SkinClearing-Liquid-Makeup-Natural/dp/B001MS7GY2/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1426366343&sr=8-15&keywords=neutrogena+microclear+foundation)
As you can tell by the actual packaging of this foundation and how worn it is, I really do love it. I reach for it on days I don't want anything heavy on my face, but still a great finish and covers pretty well. It's probably the least coverage of all of these foundations, but no matter what skin type it works really well and stays all day. 
I also mentioned this in my 'What's in my Makeup Bag' post, so if you're interested here's the link.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation: £27.19 (change shipping to international) (http://www.sephora.com/amazonian-clay-12-hour-full-coverage-foundation-spf-15-P302918?skuId=1659663
This is the most recent foundation that I've added to my collection, but still I've used it every single day since I got it. I absolutely love the finish of this, even when I get oily throughout the day it looks more dewy rather than oil coming through, which is really great. Although I need to use it a couple more times with other products as well, I honestly think I love this finish the most. It covers every bit of hyperpigmentation and acne on my face. My only corcern or advice I would give, it to use a really good quality primer before applying and let it set in, because otherwise it tends to come off my face around my jaw line and outside cheek area by my ears. This is the place when foundations tend to come off me during the day, but honestly with a good primer it lasts all day long.

I really hope you liked this post and I helped you out a little bit with this post. I know there are so many to choose from, it can be very overwhelming knowing which one to choose and which is best for your skin type.

What is your most reached for foundation?

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